Nani's movie V poster
Nani's movie V posterTwitter

With no sign of the opening of the cinema halls any time soon, Telugu actor Nani has finally given his consent for the digital release of his upcoming movie titled V on September 5, leaving his fans wondering.

Several Telugu movies featuring popular actors were ready for their theatrical release even before the lockdown and Nani's movie V is one among them. After cinema halls shut down uncertainly, the online streaming platforms decided to cash in on the situation and started approaching the makers of the movies to acquire their rights. Some producers sold the rights of their films to avoid losses.

It was rumoured that producer Dil Raju, who has produced the movie V, had also got a very good deal for the Nani starrer film. But the actor was reportedly not happy with the idea of the digital release, as he wanted his fans to enjoy the film on big screens in the cinema halls first. He was not ready to approve the idea, which was said to be a headache for the makers of the movie.

It has been almost six months passed and there is still uncertainty in the opening of the cinema halls. So producer Dil Raju has apparently succeeded in convincing Nani and got his nod for the digital release of the movie V. The actor himself announced the date of its streaming. He tweeted a note and captioned it with, "V is coming home September 5th.. The Hunt is On! @PrimeVideoIN #VOnPrime."

Nani's V movie release date announcement
Nani's V movie release date announcementTwitter

Nani's note reads, "To my fans, well-wishers and extended family here.. These are not regular times and this is not going to be a regular experience. My 25th is special and now it will be even more for so many reasons. Let's make it a memorable one. Let's celebrate this September 5th. These 12 years you came to the theaters for me and it's time I come home and say thank you! I will be as excited and nervous to hear from you all on the release day. Ps: When theatres open, Tuck Jagadish will take over. Promise!"

In a statement released to media, Nani said that V is a gripping action-thriller. "I personally enjoy watching gripping action-thrillers and V is one such title that delivers thrills, drama and fast-paced action. The cat-and-mouse game between Sudheer Babu's and my character is what drew me the most to this project," reads his statement.

Nani added, "I am very excited about the Global Premiere of V - the movie marks my 25th in the film industry, I could not have asked for a bigger tribute to my fans and supporters, than to have V available to watch anytime, anywhere on Prime Video, across 200 countries and territories. Interestingly, the movie marks its global premiere on the same day as my debut movie release – 5th September!"