Arbaaz Khan, girlfriend Giorgia Andriani, son Arhaan Khan
Arbaaz Khan, girlfriend Giorgia Andriani, son Arhaan KhanInstagram

Giorgia Andriani recently confirmed her breakup with Arbaaz Khan. The diva, however said that the two of them always knew it wasn't going to work out in the end. She also said that her relationship with Arbaaz Khan never turned toxic as he was always emotionally available for her. This comes just a few months after the Dabangg producer hinted at taking the next step in their relationship.

Arbaaz Khan and girlfriend Giorgia Andriani
Arbaaz Khan and ex girlfriend Giorgia AndrianiInstagram

Giorgia says Arbaaz was always emotionally available

Giorgia said in an interview that one distances oneself from the partner when the relationship turns toxic or when the breakup is bitter. However, in their case, it was all amicable and mutual. "He's (Arbaaz) been so good to me and he has emotionally given me everything I needed at that point in time.

"I will never stop feeling any good feelings for him. Why would I not be in touch with him?" she asked. "When you're in a toxic relationship, then you have to cut someone loose and say, you know, like, I don't want to be with this person. And my relationship was never toxic. So I don't see any point of not being in touch," she further said in an interview.

Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan, Giorgia Andriani
Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan, Giorgia AndrianiVarinder Chawla

When Arbaaz hinted at taking the next step

Giorgia added that the two of them sat together and discussed heading their own ways with a mutual understanding. Giorgia and Arbaaz were together for almost five years. In an interview a few months back, Arbaaz had hinted at the couple knowing what the next step in their relationship would. This separation has thus come as a shock to those who were rooting for the couple.

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan
Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khaan (source: twitter)

Arbaaz - Malaika's equation

On the other hand, Giorgia was also asked if Arbaaz's equation with Malaika had anything to do with their breakup. To this, Giorgia said that she came into Arbaaz's life after he had already divorced Malaika so there was never any ill will. She also said that she will always have feeling for him.

"We have always been very close, always had a lot of fun together. I guess that was also one of the reasons why it was hard to become from friends to friends friends. I think since the beginning we both knew that it wouldn't have lasted forever. Because we are very different, we both knew that. But neither of us had the courage to admit that," she said in an interview.