Even though it has been a while since Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan are not together, it's still hard for their fans to believe the fact. While both Malaika and Arbaaz Khan have headed their own separate ways, their well-wishers still hope for the two to reconcile.

And why shouldn't they when once Malaika herself had said that she would like to take every re-birth into the same family if something like that truly happens. It was on Koffee with Karan that Malaika had also spilled the beans on how Arbaaz never gets perturbed by her sensuality. She had told Karan, "I think he is somebody who is very confident with himself. So, I think, if that confidence is there in you, you know it obviously transcends into something else. So these kind of issues don't really bother us. I am not saying we are completely devoid of it, I'd be lying if I say that. But, there are times when things pop up but by and large Arbaaz is someone who is very understanding, very comfortable with himself, very confident with himself."

Malaika Arora
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Further talking about how its mostly the women who throw questions at Arbaaz and Malaika about her sex appeal and sensuality and ask how does Arbaaz take it, Malaika revealed Arbaaz always brushes it off and says, "Let them say what they have to say."

Not just this, Arora had also revealed that it is her in-laws who always praise her and her body of work. She had revealed that her in-laws never forced to follow a certain norm or behave a particular way, in fact have always been supportive of her work. She had said, "I think things just fell into place, it is such a wonderfully accepting family. They don't really put pressures on you that you gotta be like this, or you gotta follow certain norms, it has never been like that. From the first day I remember it has been open arms and welcome into our home. And I think that still continues to stay, not just with me but with anybody who steps into their home."