Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra
Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka ChopraTwitter

Bollywood can be a tricky place for celebrities who are looking for a long-time relationship. Believe it or not but there has always been a fear of losing control in relationships in a web of deceit and betrayal from their respectives spouses. We all know that Ranbir Kapoor had cheated on Deepika Padukone with Katrina Kaif. But there was also a time when Katrina suspected that Priyanka Chopra was trying to steal her boyfriend Ranbir from her which led to a cold war between the two divas.

At that time, Ranbir had just broken up with Deepika and had started dating Katrina while Priyanka, on the other hand, was also coping from her split with Shahid Kapoor. Both Ranbir and Priyanka were signed for their 2010 film Anjaani Anjaani. And soon rumours of Ranbir and Priyanka's growing closeness had started doing the rounds of the industry.

The rumours had affected Katrina to a great extent and she decided to claim what was hers by showing off her presence with Ranbir in the US. The message was loud and clear and it is believed that Priyanka gracefully decided to walk away from it.

However, when the news of Katrina and Ranbir spending time together in New York reached Mumbai, Katrina apparently believed that it was Priyanka's doing. Unfortunately, Priyanka heard Katrina cribbing about her to her friends and was furious about the allegations made against her.

Ranbir, Katrina at a promotional event for
Ranbir, Katrina at a promotional event for "Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani"Reuters

It is being said that Katrina even wanted to confront Priyanka and vice-versa but the meeting never happened. But the sources close to the two actresses had said that the two had then become sworn enemies.

The times have changed now and all the bitternesss has faded away as both Katrina and Priyanka grew a little older. Once enemies, have now become the bestest of friends and they don't shy away from gushing about each other on any public platform.