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A woman, 42, from Chennai, India was almost killed by a cockroach! [Representational image]Pixabay

In what has to be a rare incident, a woman in Chennai, India, was told she had a live...wait for it...cockroach in her head. According to doctors, this creepy crawly entered her head through her nostril, while she was asleep.

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The 42-years-old domestic worker, named Selvi, rushed to the nearest clinic after a few hours of suffering.

"I could not explain the feeling but I was sure it was some insect. There was a tingling, crawling sensation. Whenever it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes. I spent the entire night in discomfort, sitting up and waiting for dawn to go to Stanley hospital after getting the reference of a doctor from my employer," Selvi said, according to The New Indian Express.

Initially, the doctors used a torch to check her nostrils and tried referring her to another hospital but they couldn't. One of the doctors claimed that the sensations she was feeling were an outcome of a skin growth in her nose.

An endoscopy was eventually carried out which finally revealed the truth, that it was not a skin growth, but a living cockroach creeping around inside her!

It was found sitting on her skull, between her eyes, near the brain.

"This is the first such case I have seen in my three decades of practice," said Dr M N Shankar, the head of the hospital's ENT department told The New Indian Express.

Stanley Medical College Hospital doctors were stunned, although they have dealt with cases of houseflies, maggots, etc, in nostrils. This cockroach, however, could have proved fatal for the 42-year-old if it died in her.

"It was sitting on the skull base, between the eyes, close to the brain. If left inside, it would have died and the patient would have developed an infection, which would have spread to the brain," Dr Shankar explained.

It was a difficult task for Dr Shankar to get the cockroach out. Suckers and clamps were used to pull the crawler out of her.

"It took 45 minutes to pull the bug out. It was first dragged to a place from where removing it would be easy," Dr Shankar told the The New Indian Express.

A woman has a squid

Another creepy instance occured in South Korea in 2012, when a woman's tongue became filled with squid! The woman was gorging on partially-boiled squid and one of them had its internal organs still functioning.

As she chewed on the live squid, she sensed a prick on her tongue. Though she spat the squid out instantly, her tongue hurt quite a bit.

The doctors eventually found the presence of spermatores — squid semen — along with 12 insect-like creatures stuck to the inside of the woman's cheek, mucous membrane of the tongue, and gingiva, The Huffington Post reported.