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A worker tends to cannabis plants at a medical marijuana plantation near the northern Israeli city of Safed. [Representational image]Reuters

So here's some great news for all those weeders! A company named Seedo has launched a device that grows cannabis with no hassles. (Please check if growing cannabis is legal in your country, or the state in which you live).

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Seedo, cannabis, weed, technology,
The gadget devised by Seedo to help you grow your own chemical-free cannabis

This device will use minimum energy and take up little space while providing you hands-free mechanisation along with maximum yields.

This amazing device also has an automated clean and washing system that takes care of the plants during the growing cycle and also dries the crop before harvest.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India Uri Zeevi, CEO, Seedo reveals all...

Seedo, cannabis, weed, technology,
The firm Seedo devised this amazing gadget to grow your own chemical-free

IBTimes: What was the main motive behind the technology?

Uri Zeevi: F.R.E.E.D.O.M, why should we depend on what's available with the dealer at a specific moment, or on the neighbourhood's dispensary in terms of variety? Each person should be able to get their own favourite strain that matches their own needs. Also, weed farmers use so much pesticide and most of the time don't warn their customers about it. Because of this we wanted to create a way to have our medicine with no chemicals.

IBTimes: How many people have bought it so far?

Uri Zeevi: None yet, but we are about to begin the pre-order campaign soon.

IBTimes: Which countries will stock the gizmo?

Uri Zeevi: We are planning to market it anywhere in the world.

IBTimes: Any message the CEO, Uri Zeevi, would like to give to prospective buyers?

Uri Zeevi: Forget anything you know about agriculture, just Seedo it and let it grow....

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