weight loss
Belly fat can be reduced by just adding several basic food items to the diet. [Representational image]Creative Commons

It's no secret that tummy area will forever continue to be one of the most problematic areas for people trying to lose weight. While some people have it relatively easier, stubborn belly fat is a recurring struggle for many.

Even after doing proper exercise and cutting down on unhealthy food, some people find it hard to slim down their waistline. However, there is an alternative way that ensures shedding those pounds. There are some food items that help you shed belly fat faster.

Here are five items to consider:

1. Green tea

This natural antioxidant contains seven percent of an active molecule called EGCG, the polyphenols present in which speeds metabolism in the body to boost the fat burning process during exercises.

Turmeric helps weight loss. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

2. Turmeric

The anti-inflammatory, antiseptic spice is filled with curcumin – a powerful antioxidant which rejuvenates the liver and removes toxins from the body. It also boosts digestion, which is an effective element towards better weight loss.

3. Carom seeds or Ajwain

This food item used in the preparation of a lot of dishes can also be consumed as a digestive aid after meals as it helps in the absorption of food. This inturn causes lesser fat storage which helps in weight loss.

For better results, chew a spoonful of these before breakfast, as it helps the body to release enough digestive juices that will help throughout the day.

bottle gourd
Bottle gourd shed belly fat. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

4. Bottle Gourd

This vegetable is rich in fiber and has a water content of 92 percent. It helps to deal with insomnia and prevents digestive troubles. Bottle gourd also keeps the body hydrated and prevents excessive sodium loss. All of this aids digestion, thereby ensuring a more effective weight loss.

5. Honey-Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon is one of the several herbs and spices that help weight loss by increasing the body's metabolism. It helps the system to metabolize sugar faster, which otherwise would have turned into fat and accumulated around the belly.

Warm water with honey and lemon is known to be an effective weight loss remedy, so mixing cinnamon into the infusion works both as a summer detox and an effective weight loss drink.