Woman wearing Hijab
Woman beaten up for not wearing hijab properly [Representational Image]Reuters

A woman in Iran was savagely beaten up for not covering her head properly. In a video shared on the social media, it is seen that a burkha-clad (Iranian abaya) woman beats another woman wearing a red scarf in broad daylight.

The video was shared by an Iranian journalist, Masih Alinejad, which was secretly filmed by an onlooker. In the disturbing footage, the woman with a red scarf was pushed while having a heated conversation, Gulf 365.co reported.

Seconds later, two other women, all wearing black, barge in and begin grabbing and shouting at the woman. They become increasingly violent towards the victim who is heard screaming, while the abuse continues.

The victim is later seen lying on the floor, crying in pain and without the headscarf and a large crowd surrounded her.

Some Twitter users have written that Iranian officials are looking into the matter and have ordered an investigation. The veil has been a mandatory dress code for women in Iran since 1979. Women are allowed to show only their face, hands and feet when they're in public and are supposed to wear modest colors.

The Islamic code also forbids women from singing or dancing with men outside their families. Over the years, however, women have pushed the boundaries of law, by wearing loose and brightly colored headscarves.

The video was also reportedly posted on a Facebook group, My Stealthy Freedom, which highlights instances of abuse. In a description of the footage, the activists wrote: "This woman is savagely beaten up by morality police as punishment for her insufficient hijab. And they tell us hijab is a 'small issue',"Daily Mail reported.

The admin of the group is Alinejad, who is also the founder of the anti-hijab 'White Wednesdays' movement. It's a movement that encourages women to flout regulations by capturing pictures and footages of themselves without their hijabs and post them online.