Muslim girls, Jimikki Kammal
Video of three Muslim girls dancing to the song Jimikki Kammal sparks outrage on social mediaFacebook

Scores of people all over the globe have already danced to the hilariously folkish number Jimikki Kammal from the Malayalam movie Velipadinte Pusthakam. Most of the dance videos have gone viral and many of the dancers like Sheril Kadavan became an instant sensation on the Internet due to Jimikki fever.

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However, a dance performance by three girls in Malappuram, Kerala for the same song has sparked controversy this time, just because the girls wore hijab as they belong to the Muslim community. Soon after the video surfaced online, many from the Muslim community have been criticising the girls for shaking their leg in front of many people in a public place.

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Netizens have been pouring abusive comments on the girls and their parents for letting them perform in a public place. Some went further and said the action of these girls clearly indicates that the end of the world is very near.

Muslim girls, Jimikki Kammal
What's all the hullabaloo about hijab-wearing students dancing to Jimikki Kammal song?Facebook

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In yet another video that is doing the rounds on social media, a Muslim clergyman is heard saying that these girls will land in hell just because they are not obeying the words of Allah.

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The girls, who are the students of a dental college in Malappuram, apparently performed the flash mob near Kottakkunnu junction as part of the district health department's campaign to commemorate World AIDS Day on December 1.

Underlying patriarchy in society comes to fore yet again

The social media is filled with negative comments against these Muslim girls. All that hatred on social media and the clergyman's speech makes one realise how patriarchal our society is. Is dancing forbidden in Islam? Or, are women prohibited from dancing? It is understood that Islamic scholars are divided over its answer.

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Watch the viral video of three Muslim girls dancing here:

Here's the response of a Muslim clergyman about the viral video: