IMA scam busted

Mohammed Mansoor Khan, the Managing Director of IMA group and main accused in the multi-crore ponzi scam, released another video on Monday, July 15, claiming that he will return to India in the next 24 hours.

Khan said that leaving India was a mistake and but he was forced to abscond because he was being pressurised by "politicians and anti-social elements". He also claimed that he was returning for the sake of his investors and urged them to stop abusing him.

"I have been trying to return to Bengaluru. I have been unwell and been on bed rest for one month because of my cardiac and diabetic condition. Today, I can make this video as my palpitation is under control," said Khan, claiming that he has to go undergo an immediate cardiac operation because he has three heart blockages.

"I don't have enough money. Since I could not afford to get proper treatment, I will be coming to India in 24 hours, on my will. I have full faith in the Indian judiciary," Khan added.

He also said that he has a "list" on how he can return the money to his investors. "If we liquidate the assets, we can return the money to many clients," said Khan.

Khan also claimed in the video that he is unaware of the whereabouts of his family and has been unable to contact them.

In an earlier video, released on June 23, Khan had claimed that he never ran a Ponzi scheme. He also said that the real culprits behind the scam are the "big names at the state and central levels". The Bengaluru police, in response to Khan's video, said that they will guarantee his safety if he returns.

However, after the recent video, officials said that he will not be able to return on his own as his passport is suspended and he is only trying to gain sympathy, reported Bangalore Mirror.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the scam also said that they have tracked Khan's movements in the last few days.

The SIT has arrested 19 people, including former Bengaluru Urban Deputy Commissioner Vijay Shankar (IAS), Assistant Commissioner of the Revenue Department LC Nagaraj, BDA Executive Engineer Kumar, city corporator Syed Mujahid and a cleric, in connection with the scam.

Rebel Congress leader and former state minister R. Roshan Baig was also detained at the Bengaluru airport on Monday night. Khan had accused Baig of accepting Rs 400 crore and not paying it in back, in an audio clip released earlier.

IMA director Mohammed Mansoor Khan with Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig and Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy
IMA director Mohammed Mansoor Khan with Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig and Karnataka CM HD KumaraswamyFacebook

Khan fled the country in June after sending an audio clip to some investors. He threatened to commit suicide due to "harassment" by politicians and goons.