Carpool Karaoke Carey
Mariah Carey with Late Late Show host James CordenYouTube Screenshot

Christmas is around the corner. With the fairy lights up and decorations finding their way into homes, the holiday spirit is finally kicking in. And to make Christmas even more sparkling, The The Late Late Show host James Corden decided to take the help of Mariah Carey to buy some gifts and set up his Christmas tree as the two carpooled.

Wearing a golden shimmering top along with a red coat, Carrey asked for one simple Christmas gift. "I want you to sing my song, All I want for Christmas," she asked Corden and her wish was his command. He not only played the song and sang along, he made sure that popular guests of his show sang it along with him.

Bringing in the Christmas spirit, Carey and Corden began the song and the video moved to Corden and Adele singing the song, which was recorded earlier this year. The audiences were in for another surprise as the video went on to feature Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.

The crowd at the studio was not done cheering for the Disney duo, Corden immediately shifted to iconic Elton John. Hitting all Carey's notes right, John grooved with Corden on the Christmas song. This was not it, John's performance was followed by the beautiful Selena Gomez, who dressed up for the occasion is all the Christmas colours.

Glittering in her golden shirt, Lady Gaga followed Gomez's part and shined bright like the Christmas star. Adding to the colours of Holiday, Chris Martin, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gwen Stefani joined along the groove. The song was brought to an end with Carey kissing under the mistletoe and Corden and the singer driving home with the gifts and Christmas tree.

The video came in as a big surprise for viewers. While the segment airing Carey was announced, no one was expecting the musical guests to feature in it. The carpool segment had just aired the episode with Bruno Mars.