Wife glues rat trap to husband's face.
Wife glues rat trap to husband's face.YouTube screenshot.

Ignoring someone can lead to rather drastic, unfavorable consequences – especially if the person being ignored is one's wife – and that too all because of video games. Take for instance this husband who would never dare ignore his wife – especially by choosing his phone over her again – because of the lesson she taught him.

The Chinese woman was so fed up with her husband not paying attention to her as he kept playing on his phone that she decided to glue his face to a rat trap. Talk about the perfect revenge!

While it would have offered a better poetic justice, had she glued his face to the phone, this doesn't seem any less funny.

The video footage was filmed in Jiamusi, in China's Heilongjiang Province, and starts off by showing a man playing games on his phone, as his wife walks towards him with the camera pointed at a sticky board that she's holding.

The contraption seen in the video is usually used to capture rats and other small rodents – but this woman without the slightest bit of hesitation smacks the item onto her husband's face.

Her reaction at the prank's success earns a loud scream of excitement from her – as is heard in the video – but her husband can be seen and heard shouting in pain as he starts peeling the board off his face.

The husband tries to get the glue off his face and keeps staring at his wife in utter shock as the video ends.

While this was no chopping penises off or setting their cheating partner's belongings on fire – it does come as a shocking example of what the consequences of not listening to your wife; or even not paying enough attention to her.

Not so long ago, another incident was reported where an Arizona wife had fired a couple of shots above her husband's head while he was sitting on the toilet, all because he wasn't paying attention to her.

In her own defense, the woman was quoted by Kgun9TV, saying: "He would have to be ten feet tall to be hit by the bullets."