Tiger snake
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In a bizarre case of revenge, Sonelal, a farmer in India's Uttar Pradesh state, reportedly bit off a snake's head and chewed it because the reptile had bitten him. Doctors have called this behavior "abnormal."

Sonelal was on Saturday, February 17, rushed to the Moghaganj community health center (CHC) in UP after neighbors found him unconscious. Emergency medical officers Dr Mahendra Verma and pharmacist Hitesh Kumar attended to him, The Times of India reported.

"His neighbors Ram Sewak and Ram Swaroop claimed that Sonelal had been bitten by a snake. So, we started looking for bite marks but could not find any," Hitesh told TOI.

"His nephew Nanhe said Sonelal was alone when the incident took place but someone told him that a snake had bitten him. We administered emergency medicines and kept him under observation."

When he regained consciousness, he was asked about the events. Sonelal said he was grazing his cattle when a snake bit him and, in revenge, he "bit off its head and chewed it before spitting it out."

But Verma said that there was no bite mark on his body. "It appears that the snake had not bitten him at all. We did not find any snakebite marks on his body. He fell unconscious because of consuming the snake's body part which could have contained venom, assuming that it was a poisonous snake," Verma told the publication.

Dr SC Tewari, the Secretary of the state mental health society, said Sonelal's behavior appeared abnormal. "This is not normal human reaction. Someone has to be extremely aggressive or deranged to behave in this way," he said.

While Tewari called his behavior abnormal, locals claimed that Sonelal was addicted to drugs.

Last year, an Indonesian man was hailed as a hero after he killed a snake on train with his bare hands. A viral video showed the man lifting a snake with his bare hands from an overhead compartment of the train. He then swung the snake to the floor, killed the reptile and kicked it out of the door.

Watch the viral video below: