Man ties car on the top of his tricycle
Man ties car on the top of his tricycleScreenshot

Commuters in China's Zhejiang province witnessed a bizarre sight on a busy road - a man transporting a precariously mounted sedan on a motorised tricycle.

The short video clip, which was uploaded on a Chinese social media site, has gone viral on various social media platforms. The clip was even shared on Twitter by People's Daily, China.

The footage shows the car tied on the top of the vehicle horizontally. The motorised tricycle actually took the space of two lanes and shows the driver recklessly driving with no regard for lane discipline. 

Many are wondering what could the reason behind this bizarre sight be. According to Shanghaiist, the driver is said to have bought the car for 800 yuan (rs. 8,300), which is already in a bad condition.

The driver, who was later tracked down by the police, said that he was taking the car to a junkyard to sell off its parts to earn some extra money. But unfortunately, he ended up losing a lot more since he was fined 1,300 yuan (approx 13,600 rs) by the police. Besides that, nine points were deducted from his driver's license.

Watch the video here.

Bizarre sights like these on the roads of China are nothing new either. It was earlier reported that a father tied up his daughter on the back of his motorbike because she refused to get to school. He decided to make sure she attends her classes by tying her to the vehicle. The incident, which took place in Guandong Province on the street of Yunfu on April 23, has raised many eyebrows.

In the video, which was recorded by a passer-by, the girl was seen crying when her upper body was tied to the backseat of her father's bike with a rope. Her legs were dangling off from the vehicle.