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A mysterious video uploaded by popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' has emerged as the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The video, apparently captured from the skies of Atlanta, Georgia shows a strange UFO (unidentified flying object) hovering in the skies.

A UFO incident that reminded Hollywood sci-fi flicks

The UFO has the shape of a disc and literally resembles the flying objects we have seen many times in Hollywood sci-fi flicks. In the video, the object hovers in the sky for nearly 30 seconds and slowly moves from one corner to the other.

Interestingly, at one point in time, lights can be seen emanating from the surface of the seemingly metallic body of the UFO.

The video uploaded by Mavi777 has gone viral on online spaces and conspiracy theorists have started arguing that the existence of aliens is a real deal. These alien enthusiasts even believe that the US government and space agencies like NASA are well aware of an extraterrestrial presence on the earth.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists argues that these UFOs have nothing to do with aliens. According to them, most of the mysterious space vessels appearing in the skies could be most probably secret military crafts developed by the United States Army to spy on other countries.

The creepy UFO that appeared in the skies of California

The new UFO sighting comes a few weeks after another flying object was spotted in the night skies of California. The object remained silent throughout the clip and barely moved from its position.

A few weeks back, Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist, had predicted that alien life will be discovered on Mars. As per Green, the discovery will be made within 2021 by either NASA or ESA. However, he also made it clear that humans are not prepared enough to digest the realities surrounding alien existence.