Egg-shaped UFO
Egg-shaped cloud that appeared in IcelandSigga Maija/Facebook

A couple of days back, Scott C Waring, a popular alien researcher shared images taken from Iceland that show bizarre egg-shaped clouds hovering very near to the ground. In his seemingly outlandish website post, Waring claimed that these clouds are actually alien ships in disguise.

As per Waring, these unidentified flying objects (UFO) sent by aliens are hovering very near to the ground to monitor human activities.

"These two UFOs disguised as clouds were seen over Iceland this week. The closest UFO, which is egg-shaped is hovering over some old houses. This makes me highly suspicious that the UFOs are scanning the inhabitants in order to learn more about human activity. They may even be abducting some people and then returning them all in a few minutes whiteout them ever knowing it happened. Although such a phenomenon is known as "missing time," it can happen so fast that no such time is missing at all. The chances that the egg-shaped craft is abducting someone is extraordinarily high," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

As the images of these egg-shaped entities went viral on online spaces, and experts have already put forward a convincing theory to explain this bizarre sighting.

Weather experts claimed that the formation of such clouds is just a natural phenomenon, and there is no alien connection to it. As per experts, these weird clouds are known as lenticular clouds, and these formations are usually caused by large features on the surface of the Earth, such as mountains or even skyscrapers.

Due to the presence of these large features on the earth's surface, the flow of air gets disrupted and eddies will get formed. When these eddies get stable, moist air gushes into it, and thus lenticular clouds get formed.

In usual cases, lenticular clouds attain the shape of flying saucers, and these egg-shaped clouds are really very rare.