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Disc-shaped UFO unearthed in RussiaET DATA BASE

It was in 2015 that a mysterious boulder resembling a flying saucer was unearthed at a coal mine in the Belovo District, Kemerovo, in Russia. Interestingly this UFO had a diameter of 1.2 meters and weighed approximately 200 kilograms. Now, four years after the discovery, a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial hunter has outlandishly claimed that this boulder could be an alien scout ship that visited the earth from deep space.

In a recent post on his website 'ET Data Base', alien hunter Scott C Waring wrote that these smaller scout ships usually accompany a giant mothership like a protective shield.

"I believe what they have found is a UFO drone ship. These smaller drones are used as scouts for keeping larger ships safe. Often a UFO will have these small scouts or even smaller baseball size orbs rotating around the UFO, like a protective shield. Many such UFO disks have been found around the world, always heavy and appear to be made of stone. However I do not believe its real stone, but a condensed nanobot micro material that strengthens the UFO, like stone, but actually is a complex network," wrote Waring on his website.

Waring also added that learning more about these fallen flying ships could help one know more about the advanced technology aliens have been using for years to materialize interstellar travelling.

A few days back, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel named 'Mavi777' had released an image that showed a seemingly disc-shaped UFO flying close to a passenger aeroplane. Interestingly, the shape of the flying object in the image seems very similar to the alien flying vessels we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films like 'Independence Day'.

As UFO sightings all across the world are increasing dramatically, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that alien disclosure is imminent. They also argue that the United States space agency NASA is intentionally covering up details about alien life for sinister motives.