Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that at least three species of aliens are living with humans on earth. In order to substantiate this seemingly bizarre theory, they often cite examples of UFO sightings that happen in various parts of the world. Now, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has sensationally claimed that aliens are working with tech giants in Silicon Valley, following an alleged UFO sighting in California.

Are aliens working with tech giants?

Waring made this bizarre assumption after seeing a cloud, very similar to that of a flying saucer above Holland River Marina, California. After analyzing the image which was originally shared on Instagram, Waring claimed that this is actually a UFO hidden behind a cloud.

Interstellar aliens
Representational Picture: Pixabay

"This is an awesome UFO disk in this photo. It has got a huge disk with a massive lower center hump in it. Classic all the way. Sure aliens in California seem to make a lot of sense especially since Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the world. Yes, some aliens do help humanity. Yes, there are aliens working in Silicon Valley, CA. Yes, Holland River Marina is just 45 miles or 70 km from Silicon Valley. Case closed," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

The discovery made by Waring soon went viral, and netizens claimed that aliens are visiting Silicon Valley to interact with tech giants. Some online users even alleged that authorities are aware of alien existence, but are hiding their presence for unknown reasons.

However, skeptics dismissed the claims of Waring, and they made it clear that the object in the skies could be most probably a bizarre-shaped cloud.

The mysterious UFO sighting in Texas

This new UFO sighting in California has been reported just a month after another flying object was spotted in the night skies of Texas. Last month, three mysterious lights appeared in Texas skies, and interestingly, they hovered above Texas in a triangular formation.

In 2020 alone, four UFO sightings happened in Texas, and it has made many believe that something sinister, possibly something related to aliens is happening in the skies.