Three mysterious lights that hovered across the night skies in Texas are perplexing stargazers and local residents alike. The video of the spooky incident was shared on YouTube by a channel named 'willease', and the clip shows bright lights hovering in a formation.

UFO sightings on the rise in Texas

Interestingly, the UFOs spotted in the video start to vanish from sight at some point in time, but they immediately came back into view.

UFO Texas
Mysterious lights appeared in TexasYouTube

"This was directly above our town of Tomball, Texas. There were about 15 other Individuals who were recording along with us. What do you think?" wrote the uploader in the video's description.

This is not the first time that such UFO formations were spotted in Texas. In 2020 alone, more than four UFO sightings were reported in Texas, and it has made many people believe that something sinister is going on in the skies.

As the video uploaded by willease went viral, viewers also shared their theories to explain this bizarre sighting. Most of the users claim that these mysterious flying objects could be alien space ships from deep space. However, a section of other people argued that these UFOs might be secretive military vessels developed by the US Air Force.

Pentagon's UFO admission

A few days back, Pentagon released three UFO videos that showed a flying craft screeching across space in a mindblowing speed. These videos, captured by US Navy jets were originally released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2018, and on April 28, 2020, Pentagon made it public officially.

A few months back, Joseph Gradisher, the US Navy spokesman had also admitted that the UFO that baffled US Navy pilots were real, and they were not fabricated. He also added that these videos were actually not authorized to be released in the first place.