A strange video uploaded to YouTube by a conspiracy theorist named David is now the hottest debating point among alien enthusiasts. In the video, a huge cigar-shaped UFO can be seen appearing in the space during the live video feed of a SpaceX satellite launch. Shockingly, the live video feed was disconnected soon after the UFO appeared on the screen.

NASA and SpaceX involved in a coverup?

In this strange clip, apparently shot during the Starlink satellite launch on March 19, the UFO appears to pop up near the rocket, soon after the satellites were deployed. Interestingly, this unidentified flying object becomes brighter and bigger as it nears the SpaceX rocket.

UFO near Starlink rocketUFO Mania

The mysterious clip gained popularity after David shared it on his YouTube channel UFO Mania. After watching the video, viewers also shared their explanations regarding this strange UFO sighting.

"Why is everybody still surprised by UFOs? They've been around for centuries," commented EL Bandito, a YouTube user.

"SpaceX just officially posted the whole launch event, but there is literally nothing at 16:14 launch time, as yall saw in this clip, I think they edited out that part of the launch and showed nothing really happened, Just put both the clip side by side, yall see the difference, something is going on up there," commented Sahil, another YouTuber.

Most of the viewers argued that these UFOs are an indication of alien existence. They also claimed that NASA and SpaceX are equally involved in an alien coverup.

Are UFOs real?

Even though conspiracy theorists consider UFO sightings as proof of alien existence, popular American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson believes that the letter 'U' in UFO stands for unidentified, and it does not mean that these space vessels are alien space ships.

"It's just because you don't know what it is, does it that mean intelligent aliens visiting from outer space. Not only that, do you really need the Navy to shoot the video of the sky? A billion of thousands of videos are uploaded to the internet every day. We could do it. Yes, there might be some videos or lights we could not understand. Maybe they are aliens. But I need better evidence," said Tyson.