Popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring has sensationally claimed to have discovered a giant skull-like structure on Mars. Waring argued that he has discovered this structure after analyzing several images taken by NASA from the surface of the Red Planet.

Was Mars once home to an alien civilization?

After analysing the structure, Waring assured that it does not look like a sculpture, as its features resemble a fossilized skull. According to Waring, minerals have fossilized this skull on Mars, and he argued that findings like these are authentic proof of alien existence.

Skull on Mars
Skull-like structure on MarsET Data Base

"Today I found an alien skull. It is a large skull about half a meter across and has fierce looking long teeth. The jaw area is larger than humans and indicates that it probably had a thick neck area. I have to admit I have found a lot of faces, but this one...is unique and unlike the others. It doesn't look like a sculpture, but more like a fossilized skull. Such things could still remain on Mars if minerals have fossilized it," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring blames NASA for an alien coverup

Conspiracy theorists like Waring believe that NASA, the United States space agency is involved in an alien coverup. As per these conspiracy theorists, NASA is intentionally covering up several facts about alien life due to sinister reasons.

A few months back, Waring had outlandishly urged Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA, so that he can expose several secrets surrounding alien life.

Even though conspiracy theorists are convinced about the discoveries made by Waring, experts call it classic cases of pareidolia. As per these experts, pareidolia is a peculiar capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns, and most of the discoveries made by Waring show how this phenomenon misleads alien enthusiasts.