According to conspiracy theorists, alien life is a real deal, and they argue that advanced alien beings used to visit the earth to monitor human activities. Adding up the fire to these seemingly outlandish theories, a conspiracy theorist has claimed to have discovered a UFO hovering above a Mexican cemetery and later in Haryana within a time span of one week.

Are aliens real?

These bizarre claims are made by Scott C Waring, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. Waring revealed that he discovered a UFO above Mexico using Google Earth. He claimed that the UFO discovery was made on June 03. As Waring zooms in on the address mentioned in his recent website post, a copper-colored object can be seen in the sky right above the cemetery.

UFOYouTube: ET Data Base

After spotting the bizarre flying object, Waring claimed that these sightings are proof of alien existence. He also added that aliens are visiting the planet to monitor human activities.

"The UFO is hovering over a cemetery in Mexico. The UFO is long and copper-colored and looks to be a disk viewed from the side. I have long believed that UFOs monitor all scopes of human activity, including our most sacred of those...the final resting place. This is further proof of that," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Another UFO sighting in India

In the meantime, a YouTube channel named BEEGROO music series has uploaded a strange video that shows a UFO that screeches across space in a mindblowing speed. According to the video uploader, the incident apparently happened on June 09, 2020, in Karnal, Haryana.

The video soon went viral, and it made many people believe that aliens have paid a visit to the world's biggest democracy. Viewers of the channel also shared their views regarding this weird sighting.

"Aliens are there, NASA always lies, why they never returned to moon?" commented Robin Singh, a YouTube user.

However, skeptics revealed that the strange flying object spotted in the skies of Haryana could be most probably a meteorite entering the planet's atmosphere.

Waring's outlandish claims continue

A few months back, Waring claimed to have made a milestone discovery in alien hunting. After spotting a strange structure on the Martian surface, Waring revealed that it could be actually a thigh-bone of an alien.

As the discovery made by Waring went viral online, he urged United States President Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. The UFO hunter claimed that he will expose all top secrets regarding alien existence if he gets a chance to work as the head of the United States space agency. However, until now, NASA has not reacted to Waring's discoveries.