Xbox One X review: Tailor-made console for hardcore gamers

As of now, Microsoft Xbox One X is the ultimate gaming console on the market. It sets a benchmark in so many levels including the powerful processor, compact-and-sleek futuristic design, graphics processing, feature-rich controller and more. 2 days ago

Microsoft in talks to acquire GitHub

San Francisco-based GitHub has been struggling to turn a profit. The company has also been without a CEO for nine months since co-founder Chris Wanstrath left in August 2017. 16 days ago

New Microsoft Windows 10 update coming soon: Key features you should know

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 April 2108 update will improve the user-experience on PCs and also on Microsoft Edge browser with beefed up internet security options to make a secured transaction during online shopping. Read to know other noteworthy features coming with the new update. Apr 29, 2018