Indian prime minister Narendra Modi [File photo]Reuters

Prime minister Narendra Modi, who is on a 5-day foreign tour, was greeted with loud chants as he landed in Stockholm, Sweden, Monday. People from Indian community had gathered to welcome the Indian prime minister.

Modi even shared a few photos on Facebook that showed him shaking hands with people from the community, but one among them instantly became an internet sensation. Out of the 3 photos, the man was seen shaking hands with Modi in 2 images.

In one of the photos, the bespectacled man was seen wearing a beanie cap and in another photo, he was without the cap. It was VJ and comedian Jose Covaco who pointed out that and soon the man in the photo became a sensation.

"Did this guy run ahead and put a cap on to disguise himself so he could shake Modiji's hand twice?" Covaco tweeted and shared photos of Modi shaking hands with people. Covaco also called him Gagan, but the identity of the man has not been revealed.

The tweet has gone viral and until now, thousands of people have retweeted it and hundreds of social media user have commented on it. Some commented saying that the man was time traveling just to meet Modi twice while some said the photos are edited.

Some even commented saying that it could be his twin, but Covaco ruled out that theory. The comedian approached a man, who recognized Gagan in the photo, and he said that Gagan doesn't have a twin.

The comedian said that he has approached Gagan and will uncover the mystery surrounding him, but Twitter can't stop coming with different theories.

Is he a time traveler or Flash? 

Valid explanations?