Dileep Kavya Madhavan Manju Warrier

Ratnakumar Pallisseri, a veteran film journalist in Kerala, has been uploading videos about Dileep for the past couple of years, and in most of the clips, he tries to expose the hidden face of Dileep in front of the general public. Recently, he uploaded a video that details the way in which Kavya Madhavan played an unexpected move which shattered Manju Warrier.

As per Ratnakumar Pallisseri, the incident apparently happened during the shooting of Akku Akbar's 'Vellaripraavinte Changathi'. In one scene, Kavya Madhavan was asked to give a hug and kiss to Dileep. Before the shooting, Kavya Madhavan informed Dileep that she was going to give a shocking surprise to the actor.

When the rehearsal started, Kavya Madhavan hugged Dileep and bit the actor on his cheeks. Dileep was surprised, and they started shooting the scene. The scene was shot multiple times even after everything went as planned in the first take.

Pallisseri revealed that Kavya Madhavan's bite was so hard that it left deep marks on Dileep's face. When the filmmakers decided to use the pictures of this scene for movie promotion, Manju Warrier also took note of this incident and became terribly shocked.

One day, Manju Warrier asked Dileep about this incident and warned Dileep that everything has a limit. Dileep apparently informed Manju Warrier that he did that scene as the storyline of the film demanded it.

It should be noted that 'Vellaripraavinte Changathi' emerged as a success at the box office and the performance in this film helped Dileep to bag the state award in the 'Best Actor' category.

Pallisseri's comments about Dileep and Kavya Madhavan are now receiving negative reviews from Dileep's fans active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They believe that Pallisseri is making these comments for publicity. However, fans of Pallisseri urged Dileep to take legal action against the journalist if the statements are fabricated.