Dileep Kavya Madhavan
Mollywood actor Dileep (top) threatened actress Kavya Madhavan (second row left) that he would kill her husband, claimed journalist Ratnakumar Pallisseri (second row left)  

Ratnakumar Pallisseri is a veteran film journalist in Kerala and in his career spanning more than three decades, he has worked with several Mollywood film magazines. And since the day Superstar Dileep was jailed in the actress abduction case, Pallisseri has opened up several times about the actor's hidden face, and now, he has gone one step ahead and claimed that Dileep had threatened to kill Kavya Madhavan's ex-husband Nishal Chandra.

The veteran journalist made these remarks in a video uploaded to YouTube channel 'Malayali Life'. In the video, Ratnakumar Pallisseri talked about the bad experiences faced by Nishal Chandra during his marital relationship with Kavya Madhavan.

Pallisseri reveals that Nishal Chandra called Dileep on his birthday, and asked the Superstar to spare their relationship. Upon hearing Nishal's request, Dileep laughed and told Kavya's former husband that the starlet will obey only his instructions. Pallisseri even alleged that Dileep used foul language while talking with Nishal.

At this juncture, Nishal informed Dileep that he is like his brother. Hearing this Dileep told Nishal that if he is like a brother, then Kavya will be his brother's wife, which means 'sister-in-law'. The words from Dileep apparently irked Nishal, and both of them engaged in a war of words in the name of Kavya Madhavan.

As per Pallisseri, during the telephonic conversation between Dileep and Nishal, the 'Ramaleela' actor even threatened to kill Kavya's husband. Dileep also instructed Nishal to marry another girl and lead a happy life.

Pallisseri also revealed that Kavya Madhavan had intentionally deceived Dileep's then-wife Manju Warrier by playing with emotions. As per Pallisseri, Kavya Madhavan made Manju Warrier believe that her separation with Nishal had nothing to do with Dileep. 

Even though Pallisseri has been making videos about Dileep for the past one year, the actor has not reacted to these remarks yet. 

The videos uploaded by Pallisseri are receiving severe backlash from Dileep's fans on social media. As per these people, Pallisseri is uploading these videos just for the sake of publicity. However, a section of people is challenging Dileep to take legal action if the comments made by Pallisseri are wrong.