Dileep Kavya Madhavan

Ratnakumar Pallisseri, one of the most noted veteran journalists in the Malayalam film industry, claims that Dileep continuously threatened Kavya Madhavan's husband Nishal Chandra before the duo's divorce. As per Pallisseri, Dileep was very much depressed following Kavya Madhavan's marriage with Nishal, and at one point in time, the 'Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel' actor called Nishal and threatened that he will leak intimate photos of the actress.

Ratnakumar Pallisseri made these remarks in a video uploaded on YouTube channel 'Malayali Life'. During the talk, Pallisseri also alleged that Kavya Madhavan had tried to commit suicide just three days before her marriage. He added that the suicide news was hushed up by Kavya Madhavan's parents fearing possible repercussions.

As per Pallisseri, Dileep was totally drunk on the marriage day of Kavya Madhavan. It should be noted that Dileep did not attend Kavya Madhavan's wedding ceremony. Interestingly, Manju Warrier, then wife of Dileep attended the ceremony with their daughter Meenakshi.

Ratnakumar Pallisseri made it clear that Manju Warrier was very much happy about the fact that Kavya Madhavan was getting married. However, Dileep was sad about the developments, and he apparently told many of his friends that the bird he kept in a golden cage has flown away.

The veteran journalist also revealed that Kavya Madhavan and Nishal Chandra lived together just for two months until the day she started shooting for 'Oru Pattanathil Bootham'. After completing the movie, Kavya returned to her husband's home, but from then, they led a separate life just like strangers.

Pallisseri revealed that Kavya Madhavan did not even bother to wish her husband on his birthday. When Nishal Chandra called Kavya Madhavan, the actress apparently asked Nishal whether he is celebrating a birthday for the first time.

In the acting front, Dileep is now enjoying the success of his latest movie 'Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel' which hit the screens on February 21. The film directed by B Unnikrishnan is now receiving positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.