Dileep Pallisseri
Dileep (Left) and Pallisseri (Right): Facebook

Ratnakumar Pallisseri is one of the most senior journalists in Kerala and he has worked in various film magazines like Nana and Cinema Mangalam. After the arrest of Superstar Dileep in the actress abduction case, Pallisseri has released a series of videos on YouTube claiming that Dileep is one of the shrewdest personalities in the Malayalam Film Industry.

In a recent video uploaded by Pallisseri, he claimed that Dileep and his fans are trying to kill him at any cost. The journalist also alleged that he is not afraid of these threats and made it clear that he will not bend down in front of a man like Dileep.

"Dileep and his fans are trying to kill me for the last two years. But I will do my duty. Everybody will die one day or the other. Dileep should remember one thing; the dead Pallisseri will be more dangerous than the living one. Before killing me, Dileep should understand that I have documented everything regarding the threats I faced, and if I died, it will be leaked which will fetch dreaded results for him," said Pallisseri in the recent video.

Pallisseri also added that he is a committed journalist who is determined to expose the truths in front of the general public at any cost. As per Pallisseri, Dileep is even trying to mock the High Court, Supreme Court and the whole Indian judiciary by pouring in crores to continue his legal battle.

In the same video, Pallisseri alleged that Dileep has produced a movie named 'Paappi Appacha' just to bring back Kavya Madhavan in the film industry. He also alleged that Kavya Madhavan had played some crooked tricks to keep Manju Warrier away from Dileep's life. Pallisseri also made it clear that Kavya Madhavan used to feel angry when Dileep acted in intimate scenes with other actresses.