Dileep Kavya Madhavan

It has been a year since veteran journalist Ratnakumar Pallisseri has been uploading videos about Dileep and Kavya Madhavan's relationship. Even though most of the videos uploaded by Pallisseri tried to expose the hidden dark face of Dileep, the actor has not responded to these remarks yet, and it has made many people believe that the allegations made by the journalist may be right.

In a recent video uploaded to the YouTube channel 'Malayali Life', Pallisseri alleged that Kavya Madhavan had repeatedly quarrelled with her brother over her relationship with Dileep. The incident apparently happened when Kavya Madhavan reached her home after deciding to part ways with Nishal Chandra, her former husband.

At this juncture, Kavya Madhavan's brother asked her to think twice about her relationship with Dileep. Her brother even advised Kavya Madhavan that what she did in her relationship with Nishal was wrong. After hearing the words of her brother, Kavya Madhavan lashed out at him and told him that he is leading a comfortable life with her money. The words of Kavya Madhavan apparently hurt her brother to the core, and he tried to console himself after sharing the experience to his friends.

Kavya Madhavan's mother also soon interfered on the issue, and she asked her to stay away from Dileep. Kavya informed her mother that Dileep will surely marry her one day or the other. Then Kavya Madhavan's mom told the starlet that she should think seriously about Dileep's age before deciding to tie the knot. However, Kavya Madhavan convinced her mother stating that she has not started loving Dileep considering his age, but his character.

A few days back, Pallisseri had alleged that Dileep threatened to kill Kavya Madhavan's husband if he continues to maintain a relationship with the 'Meesamadhavan' actress. The remarks made by Pallisseri are now racking up negative responses from social media platforms, and Dileep fans argue that Pallisseri is making these remarks just for the sake of publicity.