Rashmi Gautam‏ and Rakul Preet Singh
Rashmi Gautam‏ and Rakul Preet SinghTwitter

Actress Rashmi Gautam‏ apparently defended Rakul Preet Singh, who courted controversy for her comments on a fan's mother, and asked if her followers have never used abusive words.

Rakul Preet Singh was recently spotted roaming around in Mumbai, sporting a denim jacket and shorts. The photos went viral on social media and a Twitter user tweeted saying, "When she forget to wear her pant after the session in car." The actress, who was furious with pervert's comment, replied, "I think your mother does a lot of sessions in the car so you are an expert!!"

But Rakul Preet Singh's comment did not go down well with many of her followers, who trolled her saying that being a woman, she insulted another woman. As a response to this development, actor Rahul Ravindran wrote a blog in which he condemned the trolls and extended his support to the actress.

Rashmi Gautam, who is an advocate of women's rights, was impressed with Rahul Ravindran's blog and she thanked him for his support. The actress tweeted, "Hi there And Thankyou for putting our thoughts out there so beautifully and I guess coming from a man shud be an enlightening read for many out there."

But one of her follower named Mahesh Darisa‏ (@Maheshdarisa) replied to her and raised objection over Rakul Preet dragging the pervert's mother. He wrote, "All are fine, but I too can't digest the reply by Rakul mam, Actually I support girls in the matter, But when Rakul ma'am has dragged the trolling person's mom into that, I understood her character."

Rashmi Gautam‏ replied to him and asked whether trollers never use abusive language. She tweeted, "She was hurt and she said things and extended and apology too But tat man had to be given a taste of his own medicine And all those people who trolled her can they swear by saying that they have never used MAA BEHEN KI GALIS in there entire life."

The Jabardasth anchor didn't stop there and she advised all other women to give a fitting reply to trolls. Rashmi Gautam‏ tweeted, "Nd I do urge and request all the women out there not to keep quite or encourage the men they know be it brother, husband, father or anyone to talk in a derogatory way about women even in general or out of fun or to make u feel secure cause the change needs to start at HOME."