Rakul Preet Singh's photos that got trolled on social media
Rakul Preet Singh's photos that got trolled on social mediaCollage of photos taken from Instagram
Actress Rakul Preet Singh is facing the wrath of her followers over her nasty comment on one of her fans' mother and this is the fifth time the Punjabi beauty is being trolled mercilessly on social media in a year.

Rakul Preet is one of the most sought after actresses down south. She is probably the most popular southern actress on social media with 6.2 million followers on Instagram and 3.04 million fans on Twitter. She often shares updates about her personal and professional life with her followers through posts on her social media.

But some of her posts have misfired, as they failed to get her the response she desired. They landed her in trouble with many of her fans blasting her for some reason or the other. With her recent incident, she has been trolled for the fifth time in a year. Here are the five reasons why she was mercilessly trolled on social media.

1 Ignoring Dulquer Salmaan

Back in May, 2018, Rakul Preet watched Mahanati and shared its review on Twitter. She had written, "Finally saw #Mahanati n it's a "MASTERPIECE".. kudos 2 d entire team 4 making a film like this. Savitri garu will be remembered forever! @KeerthyOfficial what a lovely performance ! Take a bow ..@Samanthaprabhu2 @VijayDevarkonda (sic)"

What went wrong with this post was that Rakul Preet had not tagged Dulquer Salmaan, who played the role of Savitri's husband Gemini Ganeshan. The Malayalam actor's fans were furious with her for ignoring him and trolled her. One fan had written, "I think you didn't watched the movie or you will be sleeping while watching the movie U know #savitri had a husband named #geminiganeshan played by @dulQuer."

2 Rakul Preet's skeleton look on magazine

In June 2018, Rakul Preet Singh had shared the cover page of the magazine - Health & Nutrition, which featured her slim look. But the trolls found her looking like a skeleton suffering from malnutrition. In reply, some of them said that this pic is the example to show how people would look if they don't get proper nutrition and advised that she definitely needs proper nutrition.

3 Rakul Preet's cosy photo with Manchu Lakshmi

On October 6, 2018, Rakul Preet Singh shared a cosy photo with Lakshmi Manchu on her Twitter handle. She had captioned it with, "Some friends are beyond just friends !! Love u infinite @lakshmimanchu #friendsforever❤️ #soulconnect #bdaygirls #holidaytime #lankadiaries @neeraja.kona Thanku for capturing the moment

But Rakul Preet was in for a rude shock after netizens posted offensive replies, which had crossed the limits on their relationship status. However, some of her fans had countered the trolls, by asking, why they don't speak a word when 2 male actors post a photo alongside each other.

4 Rakul Preet in torn dress

In the last week of October 2018, Rakul Preet posted a photo on her Instagram page and she was seen sporting a torn dress and she captioned it with "Sheepish me when I'm caught being the goofy me #keepthechildinyoualive alwaysssss " While some were impressed with the pictures, a few others had trolled, saying that even beggars will dress much better than her and abused her.

5 Roaming in Mumbai wearing shorts

Rakul Preet Singh was spotted roaming around in Mumbai in the second weekend of January 2019. The actress sported a denim shirt and shorts. The photos featuring this avatar went viral on social media and created a lot of buzz on social media. A Twitter user responded to her and wrote, "When she forget to wear her pant after the session in car [sic],"

Rakul Preet ruffled by this slut shaming and decided to teach him a lesson. She blasted him saying that he has a sick mindset. The actress replied, "I think your mother does a lot of sessions in the car so you are an expert!! Ask her to give u some sense also besides these session details ...till the time people like this exist women can't be safe.. just debating about equality and safety won't help.. #sick mind."

Rakul Preet's choice of words targeting the pervert's mother did not go down well with many of her followers, who gave her a sharp reaction. Here are some of their comments

SatwikMathangi‏ @seven_week

If you would have given a constructive counter attack on very first part. We all would have appreciated you and so this clarification tweet wouldn't have come in the second part. Sometimes our own fingers hurt us.

Abhiram‏ @abhiram74313714

Straight through the mid wicket a nice cover drive by our lady super star Rakul such a fenominal player always try to prove as a empowered feminist but still as dumb as Hardik in kwk

Manoj (MEGASTAR FAN)‏ @nmanoj324

you are also objectified in many movies. Why did u agree?

Abhilash‏ @itsme_abhilash

You have made this scenario more worst madam.

Priyangka‏ @deviarunassalam

Ignore negativity #Rakul ji, you spoke what your heart felt was right, for that it takes guts and honesty ❤️ more love n respect to you ❤️

Jag8211‏ @jag8211

Apologies, while I completely am against that pig, subconsciously, your choice of words objectified a woman too...his mother...what's the difference...

Upper Balcony‏ @UpperBalcony

And the defense continues. Not feeling apologetic about demeaning a woman but justifying her sick language. What about the slap you gave to his mother by doing her character assassination ❓❓❓ But you are a celebrity & can easily get away from the such things. #Rakulpreet

#RC12 ON 11.01.19 @DHORABABU12

U should answer for that post Y u posted that pant less pic ...That too why u r talking about @bhagath9_9 Mom...Did u have any right on her ... U did 2 mistakes ... As we r twitter users he replied for urs post Not well for u to answer like that Finallyu r the #Sickminded Thuuu

Sarcasm Inn‏ @Hindustan2050

No Movies no more Ads no more Shop opening , now its time to make some NEWS - TV9 , TV5, ABN,Sakshi , please give her some limelight