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Actress Rashmi Gautam, who is known for anchoring on TV show Jabardasth, has opened up on her wedding and link up with Sudigali Sudheer and said that she would prefer to have a baby first and then marry.

Rashmi Gautam is active on social media and she has often held question and answer sessions with her fans. The actress was apparently free with no professional commitments on Sunday and she had one such session.

She was flooded with hundreds of questions most of which were related to her age, wedding and her love affair with co-host Sudheer. She answered all of them with ease, calm and composed way.

Rashmi Gautam and Sudigali Sudheer's amazing hosting skills have become household names in the Telugu states. They are often seen taking a dig at each and fighting on the small screen. Their chemistry has not struck a chord with the audience also made them feel the two must be in a relationship in real-life. Some fans quizzed about it and here are a few of them.

Arshad‏ @Arshad1255: Why you hate Sudigali Sudheer so much?

Rashmi Gautam: Can't hate any of those boys they treat me like a princess.

Pravakar MukHi‏ @Impravakar: What questions do you hate to answer?

Rashmi Gautam‏: Marriage and age-related stuff and those one-word questions.

Nanigadu‏ @Nanireddy_1998: Yevarikosam wait chesthundho Last ki Sudheer key may be.

Rashmi Gautam: My wait ended long ago It's just that I like to keep my private life private.

محمد مسعود هاشمی‏ @OMGitsMASOOD: The second half of 2018 is all about the wedding. When you're going to???

Rashmi Gautam: I'm gona have a baby first and then marry so I guess it's gona be a while.

محمد مسعود هاشمی‏ @OMGitsMASOOD: Are you planning to adopt a baby before marriage or what?????

Rashmi Gautam: Yes adopt.

Vulchi harsha‏ @VulchiHarsha: If u have chance marrying ur co anchors whom will u choose Sudheer or Pradeep.

Rashmi Gautam: I keep my work life and personal life separate. So that's never going to happen.

Seshu Thripuraneni‏ @sThripuraneni: Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Rashmi Gautam: There is a third option too called LIVE IN.

T.G.F(TeluGodiFan)‏ @rajini_kanth007: With curiosity asking already are you in living relationship or in future.

Rashmi Gautam: I so wish tat was possible but as of now I don't have a stable base I live out of my suitcase and tat suitcase can't fit two.