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Ginger water is a home remedy that can benefit your health in multiple ways. The drink is prepared by adding some thinly cut ginger roots in water and is consumed with lemon juice.

Simmer chopped ginger in water for up to 15 minutes and strain the water. It can be served hot or cold.

Consuming a glass of this drink in the morning or before dinner can help boost your health and in shedding weight naturally.

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Here are the various ways ginger water helps you:

ginger water, health,
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Here are 5 ways ginger water helps you in enhancing your health:

1. Makes you slimmer

Ginger water is known to make you slimmer by cutting the fat present in your tummy, hips and thigh. Drinking ginger water aids in burning the unwanted body fat naturally.

2. Anti-cancerous

This beverage aids in keeping cancer at bay by fighting free radicals in the body which can cause this disease.

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3. Curbs hypertension

If you suffer from high blood pressure, this drink can help you solve the problem. It also helps in keeping blood clots in the arteries at bay .

4. Anti-inflammatory

Ginger water is anti-inflammatory, has antioxidants as well as calming properties. It keeps  infections, inflammation and joint pain away. It also benefits people suffering from osteoarthritis (OA).

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5. Heart health

This drink reduces cholesterol and thus check heart attack, strokes and all heart-related problems caused by cholesterol.