chest fly, resistance band, chest, exercise, work out,

If you are looking forward to achieving a fit body and stunning physique with a toned chest, here's what you need to do according to experts.

1. Do chest flyes using resistance band

Trainer Nadya Fairweather from personal training company has advised that this exercise can aid in toning your chest region:

chest fly, resistance band, chest, exercise, work out,
Facebook/ Farm Fresh Fitness/Kristi Rousseau
  • Tie the resistance band around a stair banister and stand with it behind you.
  • Now hold one end in each hand, keep you back absolutely straight and step a foot forward.
  • Place your arms out in the front with slight bent, your wrists and elbows at the same height as your shoulders.
  • Now extend your hands forward and don't lock them straight. Fairweather suggests you do five sets of 10 while taking a small break between every set.

Have a look at this video to get a clearer idea:

YouTube/ Mode Athletics

2. These foods can help you get a firmer, lower neckline

According to qualified nutritional therapist Shona Wilkinson, these are the food items you need to consume to achieve a firmer décolletage:

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  • Egg yolk is a great source of muscle-building protein, and hence Wilkinson recommends eating omelettes in abundance.
  • Muscle as well as skin-tightening is provided by bone broth. Collagen protein, which provides strength and structure to our body, and amino acids, which play an important role in carrying out almost biological processes, are released while the broth is simmered and prepared.
  • Olive oil — especially extra virgin olive oil which has many nutritional benefits — should be consumed in moderate quantities, according to Wilkinson. The oil contains monounsaturated fats which lower the risk of muscle breakdown.