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With Thanksgiving festive weekend upon us, Apple has released a heart-warming holiday advertisement that will surely leave many with pleasantly emotional and teary-eyed.

Overall, the main theme of this Apple Holiday ad – 'Share Your Gifts' is to celebrate creativity and to encourage people of all ages to share their creative talents with the world. During the course of the short clip, Apple has placed just one product, a MacBook, which the leading lady uses to make creative contents and by the looks of it, the cartoons.

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Apple's Holiday ad- 'Share Your Gifts' encourages talented people to come out of their shell.Apple/YouTube (screen-shot)

But, due to shyness, she keeps all her work in a closed box, however, her dog pal had different plans, as it opens the box and window pane, at the apt moment when winds outside pick the pace and it takes all the paper sheets out to the street. Eventually, the people look very cheered up with smiles all round impressed at the body of work of the talented protagonist.

Apple's new Holiday ad- Share Your GiftsApple/YouTube

The main intention of Apple is to encourage talented people to come out of their shell and share it with people around them and spread happiness. To a certain extent, this ad does evoke similar emotion as the Pixar's Toy Story animation. It bodes well with the feel-good Thanksgiving festival weekend.


Apple has shared another behind-the-scenes making video on how the idea of 'Share Your Gifts' came about. Joe, the creative director, Brooke, the animation creator and their team explain the technical aspects of the creation of the advertisement and also the sentiment behind it.