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Militants belonging to the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, reportedly killed a four-year-old girl and forced her mother to soak her hands in her daughter's blood after the woman was accused of blasphemy. The incident, which has not been confirmed independently, took place in the restive Raqqa region of Syria, according to a report in the Daily Star, which cited the Iranian news channel, Al Alam International.

A witness was quoted by the Daily Star report as telling the news channel: "A mother told her four-year daughter to go home and she refused. And then the mother told her unintentionally: 'Go home and I swear to God that I will behead you if you don't'."

The witness added: "But they beheaded the little girl and soaked her mother's hands in her daughter's blood."

The incident took place in Raqqa's al-Naeem square, where ISIS militants have apparently displayed the heads of those they have killed in order to strike fear in the hearts of the masses, the witness told the news channel. 

"They rape women, take children to war, loot houses and threaten people in Raqqa with beheadings if they don't agree with their daughters' marriage with Isis members," the Daily Star report quoted her as telling the news channel.

Earlier this month, ISIS militants had burnt to death 19 women in the Iraqi city of Mosul — a stronghold of the Islamist group — as they had refused to become sex slaves, the Daily Star had said in another report, citing witnesses.

The women were reportedly put in a cage in a public square in Mosul and burnt alive in front of hundreds of onlookers. 

In yet another incident, four married men were recently blindfolded and stoned to death in front of many people on charges of adultery. The incident took place somewhere near the Tigris river in Iraq.