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The brutalities of the Islamic State group, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), continued its brutal form of justice by savagely stoning four married men to death for adultery. The brutalities come just a day after three men were subjected to 70 lashes each and then crucified for breaking the Ramadan fast.

A Daily Mail report, which carries graphic pictures of the execution, says the men were first blindfolded and then stoned, in accordance with the Islamic State's interpretation of sharia law. The incident, believed to have taken place somewhere near the Tigris river in Iraq, was reportedly witnessed by a large crowd. 

The Daily Mail report says both men and women can be stoned to death for having sex outside marriage, while those who do it before marriage can be subjected to lashes. The report said the four "adulterers" probably had their skulls bashed in by the stoning, which led to their death.

The latest incident is just another example of the form of justice of Daesh — the name ISIS is locally known as — with others including crucifying men for breaking the Ramadan fast. 

Another Daily Mail report had said just days ago that the three men, who were accused of breaking the dawn-to-dusk fast during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, were first kept in cages for hours and then subjected to 70 lashes before they were crucified outside the police station in the town of Mayadin in Syria. 

Another man was subjected to the same torture in the town of Bakumal, the Daily Mail report said, citing the Justice for life observatory.