Supermoon 2016
The supermoon rises behind trees in Tbilisi, Georgia November 14, 2016.Reuters

Stargazers are buckling up for the upcoming supermoon of 2017. This will be the first and last supermoon of the year.

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The supermoon will be visible across the globe on the night of Sunday, December 3. The moon will be 16 percent more luminous and 7 percent bigger than it normally appears, National Geographic revealed.

This celestial phenomenon takes place when perigee takes place and the moon comes to the closest point to earth. This is what makes the natural satellite appear bigger and brighter.

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Also known as "Full Cold Moon", the supermoon will become totally full at 10:47 am EST (1547 GMT, 10.47 pm IST) on December 3. The moon will reach its perigee when it will be at a distance of 222,135 miles (357,492 kilometers) from earth on December 4 at 3:45 a.m. EST (0845 GMT, 2.15 IST).


New York City: On December 3, the full moon will rise in the evening at 4:59 pm at local time. The moonset will takeplace in the morning of December 4 at 7:50 am revealed.

Sunset will take place at 4:28 pm on December 3, hence the full moon and sun won't be visible at the same time in New York.

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One needs  to be present below the equator to see both the sun and moon in the sky at once, as per 

Wellington: In New Zealand's capital Wellington city, the full moon will be observed at 4:46 am local time on December 4. The moon will set at 6:10 am, half an hour after sunrise takes place at 5:41 am.

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The full moon will be visible in the constellation of Taurus and it is said to be officially full on December 3, it will still appear as a full moon to the spectators a night before and after.


If you are keen to enjoy this celestial event, you can watch the live stream at:  Virtual Telescope

The next supermoon will take place on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. 

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A better view of the supermoon can be achieved by the people staying in rural areas as urban areas has more of light and air pollution. Try watching the phenomenon from a comparative darker region to get a better view.