Sunny Leone, Daughter Nisha Kaur, husband Daniel Weber
Sunny Leone, daughter Nisha Kaur, husband Daniel WeberInstagram

No matter what you do in life - good or bad - people will always find some reasons to criticise you. And the same happened with Sunny Leone when her husband Daniel Weber uploaded a picture with their daughter Nisha on Instagram to celebrate Father's Day.

"This is Fathers Day!!! The greatest love one can imagine !!! Thank You @sunnyleone for meeting Nisha Kaur and Falling in Love for both of us !!! You are always the one who knows Best. She is everything and has stole my heart forever !!!! Xoxoxo Thank You !!!!" Daniel Weber penned down his thoughts while sharing the picture on Instagram.

The picture showcased a lovely bonding between a parent and a child which made their fans drooling over the couple. But some people found the picture objectionable as the couple had posed with their daughter.

They started trolling the couple as they failed to understand the relation between a parent and a child. They failed to understand why there was a need to take off their clothes to pose for a family picture. Instead of blessing the couple, people showered them with nasty and disgraceful comments.

Shaming Sunny Leone, once again exposes the sick mentality of the trolls who still look at her as a pornstar even when she is no longer a part of the adult film industry. People disgraced her and called her the "shame of India".

The incident reminds us of past two episodes when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was trolled for kissing her daughter Aaradhya on the lips and Aamir Khan for sharing a playful moment with his grown-up daughter Ira during the month of Ramadan.

Aamir Khan with daughter Ira, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with daughter Aaradhya
Aamir Khan with daughter Ira, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with daughter AaradhyaFacebook/Instagram

But unlike the past two incidents, Sunny Leone found more love and support from the netizens who were sensible enough to understand the actual meaning behind the picture.

They not only slammed the people who were trolling Sunny Leone and her family but also blessed them with good fortune.

"I thought there would be thousands criticising them on posting this beautiful picture but I'm amazed looking to this love drooling over @sunnyleone @dirrty99 and that shows how this couple especially Sunny changed mindsets of people ,❤s for this to the people who respects this picture," a surprised fan commented.

"Very beautiful picture.!! And to all the people criticizing them and talking about class they are morons.. they are a family and this makes a cute picture..!! What needs to be corrected is ur mentality," a user wrote on Instagram.

"Normalizing children towards nudity is a fundamental part of responsible parenting. If you are too prude to engage in it, direct your pity and shame towards yourself. I see two great and exemplary parents in this picture," another user commented.

A fan said Sunny Leone's family made him believe in love and wrote, "Love for each other! Love for their children! This is the purest and prettiest picture I have seen ever! Lots of love to your beautiful family."

While another user wrote, "No matter where people's mind start wandering after seeing this picture but it is really a beautiful portrait."

Last year, the couple had adopted their first child from Latur, a village in Maharashtra, and named her Nisha. The baby girl was just 21 months old at the time of adoption.

On March 4, Sunny Leone and her husband announced the birth of their twin boys. The couple named the boys Asher and Noah. She chose the path of surrogacy to complete her family busting all the myths of being a typical 'desi' family.