Artiste Sunitha and film critic Mahesh Kathi
Artiste Sunitha and film critic Mahesh KathiYoutube video

Film critic Mahesh Kathi has been left red-faced after artist Sunitha alleged that he sexually assaulted her. He has now threatened to file a defamation case against Sunitha and Konidela Productions for instigating her.

The Telugu film industry has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding casting couch for the last few weeks. Kathi is one of the social activists to extend support to actress Sri Reddy in her protest against sexual exploitation. But Sunitha surprised everyone with her allegations of sexual assault against Kathi.

Sunitha even knocked the doors of some media houses over the weekend to seek justice. In a statement to a Telugu TV news channel, Sunitha alleged that Kathi had forced himself on her and attempted to rape her at his residence.

Sunitha told TV5, "I know Mahesh Kathi through Facebook and after watching him on Bigg Boss, I called him up to congratulate him. He then invited me to his house and to my surprise, he asked me if I will give a commitment. When I refused, he locked the door behind him and sexually assaulted me."

Kathi, who was furious over Sunitha's allegations, took to Facebook to deny her claims. He also claimed that Ram Charan's Konidela Productions is instigating her. He said he would not stop his fight against injustice and take legal action against for defaming his image.

"I will be filing a defamation case against Sunitha for falsely accusing me of sexual harassment and Konidela Productions for instigating her." The Film critic added on Sunday, "It's a conspiracy to silence me. I am not the one to be afraid of any one," Kathi posted on Facebook on April 14.