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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

Mysterious lights were spotted in the sky over Katy, Texas on Highway 99 Grand Parkway North in US last month on September 18 around 8:20 pm.

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These lights were recorded by a man who was driving on the highway. He captured its  video on his cell phone while he was in a car on his way home. Three lights can be seen in the video in a triangular formation. In this case, the lights remained static in the skies over Texas.

Watch the footage of the strange lights in Texas here:

YouTube/ TexasUFOs

According to UFO hunter Tyler Glockner of the YouTube channel Secureteam10, similar lights had been observed hovering in the skies several times in the past and they even change the shape of their formation.

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An incident that took place on March 1997, portraying the strange Phoenix lights, was similar to this one. Whenever such lights are seen in the skies, they are speculated to be military flares.

Watch the video of the mysterious Phoenix lights incident here:

YouTube/ BrutalV

A similar UFO sighting was also reported from San Diego, California in which strange lights were spotted hovering over the Pacific Ocean. There were three orange lights apparently coming from different sources. They were also static in the sky, portraying strange behaviour.

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The person who captured the footage had no idea about what exactly these lights were. He can be heard saying that the lights appeared to be bigger than a plane's. Out of the three light one dims out and darkens completely leaving only two lights remaining. 

Check out the video here:

YouTube/ secureteam10