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Actress Pooja Kumar, who is busy promoting Kamal Hassan's Vishwaroopam 2, says that more actress should come out and reveal their casting couch stories, which would create awareness among aspiring actresses.

The Me Too Movement was started against sexual harassment and casting couch in Hollywood earlier this year and some Bollywood actresses have also voiced their support to it. But it is the revelation of Sri Reddy that forced other victims, media, social activists and thinkers talk about this issue.

Pooja Kumar is the latest celeb to talk about casting couch. In an interview, the Vishwaroopam 2 actress said, "I think it's important. We should be making it a good and safe work environment for all the women. More woman should speak their stories. We need to empathise with them on what are situations these women go through. It also makes sure that no other girl will experience it in the future.

The actress says that sharing the bed will not get chances. She said, "We can be in these positions of making movies, writing, directing and producing. We should inspire each other to be these positions. And also we don't need to do certain things in order to get what we want. It is not the only way to get the things. If you are a talented and hard worker then you can get everything without any compromise."

Pooja Kumar added, "You don't have to be in a compromise situation. If you are, you have to talk about it. It's imperative. It took 20 years for a woman to come and speak about in a country like the US, which is a free society. But ours is a different society and many girls must victim for it. They have taken advantage and I feel so bad about it. It should not happen and we should take care of our sisters."

When asked whether she faced casting couch, Pooja Kumar said, "Well! I haven't. It is such a tricky and tough line to think about the advances. But I have never experienced it. Anyone was forceful and did anything like that. I am very touch wood lucky."