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Controversial actress Sri Reddy has apparently waged a war against Jana Sena Party chief and power star Pawan Kalyan to get justice for Poonam Kaur, Renu Desai and other girls, who were cheated by him.

It is known that Sri Reddy had started a protest against casting couch and sexual harassment in the Telugu film industry in January 2018. Since then the actress has been making startling revelations about how some Telugu celebs sexually exploited her with a pretext of getting her film offers. She is unafraid of the consequences of these expositions. Her fight has created headlines in the national media too.

Sri Reddy has not made any revelation about Pawan Kalyan but has been raising voice on other issues. She was trolled by his fans but is unfazed. Now, the actress seems to have made up her mind to get justice to the girls who were exploited by the actor. She recently took to her YouTube channel to talk about Poonam Kaur and Renu Desai's relationship with the actor.

Sri Reddy started her opinion video by praising Chiranjeevi. She said that the megastar is very much disciplined in personal and professional life and he has maintained the purity of his relationship with his wife. He was aware of Pawan Kalyan's alleged affairs. Since he didn't like them, he kept him away from his family.

Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan
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In her video, Sri Reddy is seen asking, "Why has Chiranjeevi kept him (Pawan Kalyan) away from mega family? There might be fights, but I feel that it is because of the controversies caused by his relationships with Renu Desai, Poonam Kaur and the English lady (Anna Lezhneva)."

The actress went on to question Pawan Kalyan's brother Nagababu, who has been defending for several days. She said that Nagababu wants his family members to be a winner everywhere and he showed his foolish mentality in MAA elections too. He said he does not want other TV channels, as he has his own YouTube Channel. He targeted TDP and YSRCP and spoke ill about women of their families.

Sri Reddy said, "I want to ask Nagababu one thing. Isn't Poonam Kaur a member of your family? She is undergoing so much mental pain. Doesn't your brother feel it? You covered up her issue, saying that it is your personal issue and there is no truth in what she is saying. I was also treated in the same way in the case of Suresh Babu.

Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan
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Talking about Poonam Kaur further, Sri Reddy added, "She is not getting justice and she is not happy. I felt very sad to learn about her story. She has no courage and back of the screen several people tried to suppress her. Why does she feel that she didn't get justice? If she loved him and is hurt by his action, why doesn't she come before the camera and reveal everything?"

Recently, an audio tape in which Poonam Kaur talks about how Pawan Kalyan cheated her, leaked online and the power stars fans were upset with her. Talking about it, Sri Reddy said, "As of my knowledge, she never revealed that she was blackmailed. Several people including me tried to convince her, but she is not ready. There is no role of hers in the leak of this audio. I know how much she cares for her dignity."

Poonam Kaur
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Talking about mercilessly trolling of Renu Desai. Sri Reddy said, "When he was married to Renu, Pawan Kalyan fell in love with an English lady. At the same time, he hooked up with another girl and convinced both their family about his relationships. When so much happened, doesn't Renu Desai understand all the mess? Why did she not speak? It clearly shows that she was scared and afraid."

Sri Reddy added, "When his fans trolled Renu, Pawan Kalyan didn't say a word about them, thinking that he might lose them. Even she didn't say a word about it and the reason was that she was scared that her response might take a toll on his political career. She has made it clear in her interviews and Twitter posts. You created several rumours and tried to spoil her image. You killed her faith, love and spirit."

Renu Desai
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The controversial actress alleged that Pawan Kalyan has exploited other girls and he should be punished. Sri Reddy said, "This didn't just happen with one girl. Poonam Kaur is saying that she is not the only victim, but there are five-six girls. They are ready to come out in public and they don't mind being killed. I would like to make it clear that he played with the lives of several girls. I pray to God to bring all his misdeeds in public before the elections. I believe God will fulfil my wish."