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Actress Sri Reddy has once again slammed Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan and said that his only achievement in life is marrying many times and it is unfortunate that he has now entered politics.

Later, Addepalli Sridhar, who quit BJP to join Jana Sena Party, had expressed his displeasure over Sri Reddy's conduct. He stated that she wants to be in the news by criticising Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena leaders. He warned her not to interfere in his party affairs. In reply to him, she had used abusive language for him.

Now, Sri Reddy has taken to Facebook to launch an attack on the power star. "Worldwide my fans look at it..this guy married many times, in his life only one achievement that is marrying many.. he is a brother of a big hero, nd he is also a hero, hv 4,5 hit movies.. strength Is he can cheat any one legally..india's bad luck is, this indicipline n uneducated guy also came in to politics, bad karma to andra..he wanted to influence the people for votes ..what my Indian citizens has to learn from him?? pity on my Indian politics," she wrote

In a Facebook live, Sri Reddy also spoke about Addepalli Sridhar and demanded an apology from him. She said, "There are good people in Jana Sena and I don't know whether they joined the party knowingly or unknowingly. There are also some bad people in the party and I am here to talk about those people. First, I would like to talk about Addepalli Sridhar, who used abusive language for me. I offer my apology to him. He also needs apologise to me for using vulgar language."

Pawan Kalyan Janasena Marathon
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Talking about Jana Sena leaders, Sri Reddy attacked Pawan Kalyan's marriages. "There is none in Jana Sena, who knows how to respect woman. Mainly, Pawan Kalyan, the founder of the party, himself does not have respect for ladies. He says he legally divorced two and married three girls. But why is he doing this drama?" she said.

Sri Reddy also questioned him on talking about Hindu culture and his respect for women. She asked, "Is there not a limit of two wives? After violating this, why he talks about respect for ladies? Pawan Kalyan speaks about culture and tradition. How many people can we marry according to our Hindu religion?"

The controversial actress also mocked him for his efforts to get Christian votes. Sri Reddy said, "Another thing is that he is worried over Christians voting for Jagan Mohan Reddy and Divya might get some of them for TDP. Hence, he is saying that his wife is Christian and he has a lot of faith in that religion. Why is he talking about it? He need their votes. Why is he doing such a mean politics?"

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