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Telugu actress Sri Reddy, who was away from media glare for some time, is back in the news with another sensational allegation. She says that a Tamil actor used her as a public toilet and is now spoiling her career.

After creating a sensation in the media, Sri Reddy had gone on to live a calm life in Chennai. When some people in the industry were feeling relieved, she took to her Facebook account to give them a sleepless night.

She alleged that a Tamil actor used her as a public toilet. She admitted that she co-operated with him, but that is for movie offers. But now he is using influences to spoil her career in Telugu film industry.

Sri Reddy wrote, "Used me like a public toilet..that wounds are not at all healing..mentally disturbed alot..I know my participation is there..but my dead body participated for my movie offers..i seriously didnt do with my heart trust me..those are all very very scary moments in my talk effected my life very badly, how to come up now??now one Tamil hero is trying to spoil my professional life..who is closed to telugu movie people, he is a big womanizer..I am not deserved to be on this earth or what??"

However, Sri Reddy had claimed that she is broke and does not have enough money to lead life. After she shifted to Chennai, she has become generous and busy supporting victims of the natural calamity. She recently announced that she was donating the advance money taken for filmmaker Raghava Lawrence's next film to the Titli victims of Srikakulam. Now, she is busy helping the victims of Gaza cyclone.

Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook page on November 25, "Hault is pondicherry. .but main reason is started my journey to help the Gaza cyclone effected area people..reaching soon wt the needs(candles,rice,waterbottels)to scared..full water surroundings power in few places.."

Hours later, Sri Reddy shared a video featuring her distributing aid material to the victims of Cyclone Gaja. A day later, the actress wrote, "Reached 2 Chennai just now from tiruvarur..self drive dipped me into many memories which wl gv lot of satisfaction as a human being..this time came back with lot of satisfaction 2 Chennai.."