Allu Arjun and Sri Reddy
Allu Arjun and Sri ReddyCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Stylish star Allu Arjun, who was the chief guest at the pre-release event of Taxiwala, opened up on #Metoo campaign in the Telugu Film Industry and Sri Reddy's cryptic post on Facebook seems to be his curse to Bunny.

Addressing the pre-release event of Vijay Devarakonda's Taxiwala, Allu Arjun said that the Telugu film industry is safe for actresses. "Few days back, my brother and I discussed the #MeToo campaign, and let me tell you that the Tollywood is the cleanest one that gives the most respect to its actresses," a news portal quoted the stylish star as saying.

"I enquired about the lead actress of supernatural thriller drama Taxiwaala- Priyanka Jawalkar and learnt that she is a Maharastrian brought up in Anantapur. Whoever likes Telugu culture are all deemed as Telugu people," said Allu Arjun, adding, "I wish many more girls would venture into the Telugu film industry."

However, Sri Reddy started her fight against sexual harassment and casting couch in the Telugu film industry earlier this year. The controversial actress went on to allege that Abhiram Daggubati, singer Sriram, comedian Viva Harsha, scriptwriter Kona Venkat, Natural star Nani and director Koratala Siva asked her for sexual favours in return of film offers. Her protests created a lot of buzz in the national media.

Sri Reddy had requested Power Star Pawan Kalyan for his support to save the industry. But the Jana Sena Party chief advised her to stop her protest and seek help from police and court. The irked actress showed her middle finger and abused his mother. The actor had approach Movie Artiste Association demanding an action against her and Allu Arjun had accompanied him on this occasion.

Now, Allu Arjun has not mentioned any name, when he spoke of #Metoo campaign in the Telugu Film Industry. But his comment appears to be an indirect attack on Sri Reddy. However, the actress, who is known for using her Facebook account as a strong weapon to respond to her attackers, apparently condemned him for looking down upon girls.

A day after the pre-release event of Taxiwala, Sri Reddy took to her Facebook page and cursed a person without mentioning any name. The actress wrote on November 12, "Thu. .I wanted to see ur dead end..i am dreaming now,but my dream wl come true..u dnt have any u turns..karma is bk of u to make u to run..u hv cheap feeling on girls na,wl see your ending how horrible it is..I nvr forget my tears.. (sic)."