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Producer Suresh Babu has finally broken his silence on the controversy surrounding actress Sri Reddy's allegations against his son, Abhiram Daggubati, and said that flesh trade and alcoholism are habitual acts man and they can't be bound by any rules.

A couple of months ago, Sri Reddy alleged that Abhiram Daggubati sexually harassed her in his studio in Hyderabad. The actress also released photos of the two in intimate positions. Her claim created a lot of buzz in the media. Though the Daggubatis were upset with this controversy, no one from the family had made a statement about the issue.

Months after this controversy is done and dusted, Suresh Babu opened about the controversy in an interview with a Telugu TV channel. When asked about why he did not condemn it, the producer said, "It is not about condemning something. It was a badly handled issue overall by the industry, media and other people. Much I do about it is nothing."

Suresh Babu admitted the existence of the issues like drugs, prostitution and casting couch in Tollywood, but denied their restrictions only to films. He said:

These issues have been there in the film industry for many years. It is not just in my industry, but also in all other industries. Sometimes, the issues become much wider, because of the ways of amplifying them and then it will find its own way to sort it out."

The producer added, "The industry will continue irrespective of any of these problems. It doesn't matter whether these issues brought good or bad names to the industry because the industry knows how to take care of these little bumps all over the way. They will settle down and the Industry will continue. Soon or later, the industry will reject a person, if he is not right."

Suresh Babu further elaborated on the allegations levelled against his son, saying that the behavoiur is habitual to man.

These are habits that are there from the beginning of humanity and we can never bind them with rules. They are not just limited to the film industry, but to everyone. Flesh trade, liquor, alcoholism are part of man's life."

Referring to these issues, Suresh Babu said, "There are a lot of social media and TV channels and there is a lot of free time. But people don't want to talk about these issues. Even with the media, what has happened is that there are some newspapers and if one commits a mistake, others will keep it aside and move on. This change is happening with several formats and in a faster way. This happened in Hollywood too."

Suresh Babu added, "Eventually nobody will create laws on dos and don'ts. You will continue your business if you are positive and fair. The people, who are not fair, will also continue. None can be stopped. This is a democratic country and everybody has the right to do what they want. You have to decide on whether you want to be a part of this eco-system. Hollywood decided that these are the journalist they will work with and the ones they won't work with. But we (Tollywood) are still too early to form those things."