Sri Reddy's intimate moment with Abhiram Daggubati
Sri Reddy's intimate moment with Abhiram DaggubatiTwitter

Actress Sri Reddy's mother Pushpavati revealed that she is not aware of her daughter's intimate photos and chats with producer Suresh Babu's son Abhiram Daggubati.

Sri Reddy recently waged a war against casting couch and sexploitation of actresses in the Telugu film industry. The actress even alleged that filmmakers avoid casting women from the state in the movies. She released Whatsapp messages of Viva Harsha, singer Sriram and Abhiram Daggubati. The intimate chats, which show these celebs asking her for sexual favours, have gone viral on social media.

Going a step ahead, Sri Reddy released some of her intimate photos with producer Suresh Babu's son Abhiram Daggubati and these pictures have created havoc in the media. While people across the country are busy debating over the credibility of the Telugu film industry, her mother says that she is not aware of those photos and intimate chat.

Talking to TV9 Telugu, Pushpavati said that she does not interfere with her daughter's decisions. When asked about her daughter's affair with Abhiram, the mother said, "She has not told anything about it, because my world is different from hers. If she needs support, I am ready for it, but I don't interfere with her life."

When asked about Sri Reddy's acting career, the mother said, "Since her childhood, she has her personal choices in everything she does. I was not happy with her acting in films. When I tried to tell her, she said 'Mummy, you don't interfere with this. I don't listen to you. I will do whatever I like.' I am happy that she was successful in her way."

Sri Reddy raised a challenge against the Telugu film industry after she did not get film offers. She objected to Tollywood filmmakers preferring non-Telugu actresses over Telugu actresses. When asked about her fight, her mother said, "If some people accept it, I have no issue with her fight. But if people don't like, I will try to advice her. I will support her movement if she is walking the right path."

Pushpavati says that Sri Reddy did not tell her about her nude protest and she heard of it from other people. "When I tried to ask her about it, she said, 'Mummy! Don't tell me anything in this regard and I will do whatever I feel is right. If don't like it, you can forget me, thinking that your daughter is dead.' "

Sri Reddy's mother added, "I usually don't give her any advice, as her route is different from mine. But people told me about her protest, I tried to advice her. I don't have newspaper, TV and cinema at home and I don't attend functions. Hence, I don't get to see what is actually happening in the world."

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