Director Shaad Ali's Bollywood movie Soorma featuring Diljit Dosanjh and Tapsee Pannu in the lead roles has received positive reviews and good ratings from the audience.

Soorma is a biographical sports drama film based on the true story of the triumph of the human spirit. Shaad Ali has written the script for the film with Suyash Trivedi and Siva Ananth. Deepak Singh and Chitrangda Singh have produced the movie under the banner Sony Pictures Networks Productions. The flick has been censored with a U certificate and it has a runtime of 2.11 hours.

Diljit Dosanjh and Tapsee Pannu in Soorma
Diljit Dosanjh and Tapsee Pannu in SoormaTwitter

Soorma movie story: The movie is about international hockey player Sandeep Singh (Diljit Dosanjh), who was paralyzed and restricted to a wheelchair after he was injured by an accidental gunshot in 2006. How fights against all odds, gets back on his feet and make a comeback to international hockey in 2008 form the crux of the story of the movie.

Analysis: Soorma has an inspirational story and this biographical sports drama has its own share of entertaining moments. Some romantic, sentimental and comedy scenes and surprising twists keep you engrossed in the narration, say the audience.

Performances: As Sandeep Singh, Diljit Dosanjh has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Soorma. Taapsee Pannu has got a scope for acting and she has done justice to her role. Angad Bedi, Siddharth Shukla, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Pitobash, Vijay Raaz and Herry Tangiri have also done good jobs, say the viewers.

Technical: Soorma has decent production values and songs, background score, picturisation and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the filmgoers.

Soorma movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Abhishek Parihar‏ @BlogDrive

#Soorma #MovieReview Diljit is one gifted actor and he carries the film.on his responsible shoulders. @taapsee is lovely and delivers a Taut performance. It's a well deserved tribute to a hockey legend and the producers need to be lauded for backing this. #Soorma #MovieReview Shaad Ali scales new heights as a director and delivers one of the best sport films of all times. It is also one of the best movies of 2018. I won't talk much about script details. But it's a Movie Rating - 4/5 Go and watch it guys, don't miss this one.

Anurag‏ @SinghAnurag79

#Soorma is fun, heartwarming n inspiring! @diljitdosanjh bhaji is top-notch! Makes u laugh n cry with him. @Imangadbedi is superb-his career best fr sure! Congrats @shaadesh @SnehaRajani @IChitrangda @flickersingh go watch guys!

RJ Harsh‏ @rjharsh19

Such natural performances only makes people smile @taapsee @diljitdosanjh @shaadesh #Soorma Drag flick! Which is why the hall cheers for India @flickersingh #SandeepSingh #Soorma The bro-code relation @Imangadbedi & cute loveship makes the film more beautiful @diljitdosanjh @taapsee Going smoothly @shaadesh

Bhupesh Bansal‏ @itsbhupesh

Went for #Soorma this morning and found out why it had been so anticipated. It's a delight to watch. The story has been performed so well, such an inspiration.. Just loved every minute of it. Wishes to the team @taapsee @diljitdosanjh @Imangadbedi @flickersingh

Sania‏ @LiveSania

Pain,Passion,dedication. One just can't take over eyes from @diljitdosanjh once again he proved that he is THE BEST.@Imangadbedi incredible.@taapsee just outstanding.Every scene gives goosebumps loved each session.N As usual music amazing @ShankarEhsanLoy. @IChitrangda #Soorma

Ashraf‏ @Im_The_Ashraf

#Soorma is an honest film that will surely inspire a lots of people. direction, screen play, story, romance and music it's a complete package.... @taapsee @diljitdosanjh #SOORMA #soorma

Vineet Recriwal‏ @VRecriwal

#Soorma: Delightful and Warm! 3.5/5 stars: Will take #DiljitDosanjh above and beyond. Fab performance by #AngadBedi, #TapseePannu and #VijayRaaz is brilliant. Great to see #KulbhushanKharbanda, #SatishKaushik & #JimmyMoses back on screen after a long time with good performances!

Impratap‏ @PaiPratap

Review #Soorma Rating *** @diljitdosanjh sincere & honest act that wins your heart . He conveniently portrays the role of a hockey player with ease . After Udtaa Punjab here is yet another fine performance from the versatile actor. @Imangadbedi delivers career best performance.

Rupesh Kumar‏ @rupesh_k01

Don't miss this one as #Soorma z a brilliant movie . I am damn sure it will be always a special for @diljitdosanjh . Excellent performance, captivating yet tight screenplay excels movie . Loved it . @Imangadbedi @taapsee

Divya Pal‏ @divyapal2013

#Soorma has been entertaining so far. Acting with real emotion isn't easy, but @diljitdosanjh achieves it with his performance.

Faridoon Shahryar @iFaridoon

Writer Director Shaad Ali's #Soorma is a wonderful blend of realism and romance that's hugely inspiring and leaves you with a feeling that this is the story of struggle and extraordinary grit that one must try and learn from. Brilliant performances from Diljit n Angad stay with u The manner in which Shaad Ali manages to make you smell the sondhi mitti ki mehek of Punjab is commendable.Shankar Ehsaan Loy's music plays a big part in that.Ishq di Baajiyan sung by Diljit is superb.#Soorma anthem is brilliant as well.Dialogues are excellent n stay with you!! The pacing of the film is slightly on the slower side.There are times both in the first as well as the second half when you feel that certain scenes are not really gripping you as an audience but then everything blends very nicely in entirety. Diljit Dosanjh is a gifted artiste.His sincerity, charm and spontaneity left me spellbound.I saw his Punjabi film #SajjanSinghRangroot a few days back n now #Soorma ...He's one of my favourite actors now. As Sandeep Singh he convinces you as a world class player n it's not easy The portions where Diljit romances Taapsee or emerges a hero as a drag flick hockey player are superb.The humour that he brings to the table is endearing but it's the portions when he battles with his doubts n failures that simply stun you with the stark realism ! .#Soorma is an honest film that will surely inspire a lot of people to at least try and attempt extraordinary things in life.Sandeep Singh's story of courage n family support is a must watch experience.With the right dose of romance n music it's a complete package.Don't miss it!

Fenil Seta‏ @fenil_seta

#Soorma The first half is so nicely directed that one expects Soorma to be one of the best films of the year. But shockingly, the film goes downhill in the second half, when it should have gone on a high #Soorma There were several scenes that would have made a huge impact if it were given a massy and dramatic touch, the way it was done in the 1st hour. But for some strange reason, Shaad Ali executed it in a very bland manner, diluting the impact heavily #Soorma @diljitdosanjh is very lovable and puts his best foot forward. Whether he's romancing or awing everyone with dragflick or when he's down and lost hope, Diljit essays all these moods very well #Soorma @taapsee is brilliant, in the first half. @Imangadbedi has an important part and enhances impact in few scenes. @ActorVijayRaaz is the surprise element. He's sure to bring the house down in single screens with his one liners!

Akash Rajput‏ @AkashRa66

#SoormaShaad Ali's #Soorma is not only one of the best film of 2018 but also, one of the best sports film made in Bollywood. It has everything... it'll make you laugh, cry, dance... it will inspire you. @diljitdosanjh you are 'soorma' of acting. @taapsee Kamaal kar diya aapne

Kiran Upadhyay‏ @UKeyRun

What a superb movie #soorma An inspiration for lifetime. Salute to great Sandeep Singh.... One of the best biopic I have seen... Big thanks to @IChitrangda for wonderful effort. Mind blowing act by @taapsee, @diljitdosanjh and others.. Pooraa paisaa vasool.....

Film Companion @FilmCompanion

REVIEW: #Soorma, a dramatized version of ex-Indian field hockey captain Sandeep Singh's life directed by Shaad Ali and starring Diljit Dosanjh drags home the same age-old clichés, and flicks our sensibilities by the wayside.

Umair Sandhu‏ @sandhumerry

First Review #Soorma from #UAE ! A Well Made Biopic in all Respects ! @diljitdosanjh gave Career Best Performance ever. He Nailed it. @taapsee Stole the Show. @Imangadbedi is in Terrific Form ! Worth a Watch !! 1/2

Kireet Khurana‏ @Kireetk

#Soorma - An endearing and honest true story of grit and resilience. Great performances by #tapsee and #daljit. Wishing team Sony Pictures Networks Productions all the very best for their stellar effort!

Sachin's Legacy‏ @LegacyOfSachin

A real story portrayed beautifully on reel. @flickersingh's determination to play for India is truly commendable, enjoyed watching #Soorma a lot. My best wishes to the entire cast and crew. @imangadbedi @diljitdosanjh @taapsee

Sanju Mondal‏ @Sanju02535239

#soorma is a Really Great & Heart Taching inspiring move!I Really Loveded- script,Thought Great. all the people Inspiration this flim.people please watch the move!Congrats @SnehaRajani @shaadesh @IChitrangda!all the gys Great Acting skills @tapseepannu

Abhishek Srivastava‏ @abhiteurish

#soorma s brilliance lies in its narration. Plain simple story with a simple story telling. Redefines the old saying simple is beautiful. @shaadesh @diljitdosanjh @Imangadbedi @taapsee #SoormaReview

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