Indias leather industry boosts economy

Kanpur, Dec 08 (ANI): Kanpur has from long been identified with its leather industry and the industry holds a prominent place in the India’s economy. Kanpur’s leather industry is among the top ten foreign exchange earning sectors of India. Kanpur is home to almost 400 tanneries concentrated in the Jajmau suburb. These small tanneries play a crucial role in supporting the economy in ways more than one as they not only bring in foreign exchange, but also offer a means of livelihood for various small time labourers. Despite their economic contribution, concerns regarding Kanpur tanneries polluting the river Ganges have been rife. One of the major pollutants is chromium which is used as a hardening agent in leather production. However, owner of Rehman Tannery, Firoz Aalam rubbishes claims of the tanneries releasing pollutants directly into the Ganges and said that each tannery had a primary water treatment plant in place. Dec 8, 2014

Hindus and Muslims come together for community wedding ceremony in Rajkot

Rajkot, Dec 08 (ANI): Hindus and Muslims performed community weddings under common roof upholding the saga of communal harmony. At least, 101 Hindu and Muslim couples got married at a common event in Rajkot city in Gujarat. The couples mostly belonged to economically middle and poor classes. The Hindu Brahmins and Muslim priests conducted the respective rituals in front of hundreds of invitees. A Muslim priest Sayeed Mohammad Hussain Ali said this mass wedding will spread the message of love and brotherhood among both the communities across the country. Legislator of Rajkot city, Indranil Rajguru, who organised the mass wedding said no matter what happens across the nation, Hindus and Muslims always stay together peacefully in the city. A Hindu bride, Nilam Pandya said she is lucky to get married at such a unique event. Dec 8, 2014

Protests erupt in Vadodara over Hafiz Saeed warning to PM Modi

Vadodara, Dec 08 (ANI): A youth organisation staged protest in Vadodara as Mumbai attacks mastermind and Islamist Hafiz Saeed warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Kashmir. The protesters shouted slogans against Hafiz Saeed, burnt his effigy besides burning the Pakistan's flag. BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said Saeed is making such statements as he is surprised to see large voting turnout in Kashmir assembly polls. Saeed is the founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a militant group banned in Pakistan but tolerated unofficially and believed to be close to the army. Dec 8, 2014

AAP workers protest outside Rajnath Singh's residence, demand action in Uber cab rape case

New Delhi, Dec 08 (ANI): AAP party workers protested outside Home Minister Rajnath Singh's official residence in New Delhi on Monday demanding that action in the Uber cab rape case. Protestors raised slogans and demanded that the Home Minister must act to make Delhi safe for women. The protesters questioned government's lack of action and the safety of women in the national capital. Some of the part workers were detained by police. Dec 8, 2014

Uber cab rape case: Cab driver Shiv Kumar arrested by Delhi police

New Delhi, Dec 8 (ANI): Delhi Police arrested Uber cab driver Shiv Kumar from Mathura who was accused of raping his passenger in New Delhi. Delhi police Deputy Commissioner Madhur Verma said the accused would be brought to the city soon. The 26-year-old woman reported that she had been sexually assaulted and beaten when she got a ride with the Uber driver after a social event late on Friday in Vasant Vihar. Dec 8, 2014

Arenlong Longkumar, a 5-year-old drumming prodigy from Nagaland

Nagaland, Dec 08 (ANI): He is unstoppable! Playing drum like an expert, Arenlong Longkumar is a child prodigy. Born to Sosang Longkumer and Akokla Imchen in Dimapur, this 5-year-old can beat drums for any genre of music. Along started holding drum sticks at the age of one. He was inspired by his musician father, who runs his own recording studio in Dimapur. Along plays drums at his father's studio. Little Along has performed during many events, including the Hornbill festival. He has also performed with Purple Fusion, a famous Naga music band at the 'World Music Day' celebration in Dimapur. Amazingly, Along can tune his beats for any genre of song like hard rock, soft rock and country music. His success is a source of inspiration for other children. Dec 8, 2014

At Bolshoi, world ballet stars dance for Ukraine

A dozen top ballet stars including Svetlana Zakharova and Natalia Osipova will on Sunday perform at a keenly awaited but politically sensitive gala at Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre in support of young dancers in war-torn Ukraine. Duration: 00:43 Dec 7, 2014

Philippines very vulnerable to climate change: Greenpeace

As typhoon Hagupit hits, Greenpeace chief Kumi Naidoo and climate change commissioner Yeb Sano say "there is no question that the Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world in terms of climate impact". Duration: 01:22 Dec 7, 2014